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How to Tell Whether You Need to Book a Roof Repair Service

You don’t want to install a new roof every couple of years, do you? If you want to prevent that form happening, you should inspect your roof every fall and spring. That way you will be able to book a roof repair service whenever you stumble upon a problem.

Here is a simple guide you should follow when doing an inspection.

  • Interior
    Begin the roof check-up from the inside of your home. Go to the attic, and there look for any places where the roof deck is sagging, light is coming through, leaks and dark spots.
  • Exterior
    On the exterior part of the roof, you need to look for cracked or missing shingles, shingle granules and extra rot, moisture, or mold. Also, check if there are any loose materials near the vents, pipes and chimneys. See if the gutters and downspouts are secured well and whether the drains are clean and allow water to go through them.

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