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More Precious Tips on How to Recognize a Unprofessional Roof Contractor

Unfortunately, many homeowners are totally unaware of the serial roofing ”expert” showing up at their door. They talk much, they make tempting offers about quality, unique low rates, and good insurance policies. This articles continues from the previous one. Here are more red flags:

  • You are offered a free roof. Not only he as a contractor can go to jail, but so can you. Be extremely watchful.
  • Someone knocks on your door saying you have a roof damage simply because there was a terrible rainstorm last night. How can he possibly know that without making a brief inspection?
  • A contractor refuses to sign a written contract. Another common red flag. Never hire such a ”professional”.
  • He cannot provide a copy of a business license or workers compensation insurance. They cannot because they simply have no training, qualifications, experience, and work illegally.

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