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Billings, MT is a region known for its freezing and windy winter. Although there might be many ways to make your home the ideal energy-efficient living space, installing an efficient roof to protect you in cold weather is a smart move. The snow and ice dams can be a real pain for any roofing system. As a reliable and experienced roofing contractor, we would like to tell you that if you use any of the following systems, you can’t go wrong:

  • Metal roofs; Metal is one of the best options for roofing systems for cold climates. Durable and strong, it can withstand heavy winds and snow piles. Their smooth surface does not retain ice and moisture, it will simply slide off which prevents leaks and heavy and icicles. A metal roof offers good protection and safety for heating cables and snow guards. If properly installed and insulated, it will keep your home warm during the cold winter.

  • Cement tiles; Cement tiles are a heavy and reliable material for roofs in freezing climates. Sturdy and durable, they are capable of stopping the winds, rainfall, and snowfall from penetrating your house. It can withstand both high and very low temperatures. They are even fireproof which means such an option will keep your house safe from fires.

  • Asphalt and cedar wood shingles; Every proficient roofer will tell you that picking asphalt or cedar wood shingles is the right thing to do; this is an affordable and dependable alternative for families living in regions with cold weather. You will protect your abode and family during the freezing season, and get the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Solar paneled roofs; You can also take advantage of solar panels that are active panels and passive tiles. You can be sure, they will make your rooftop capable of withstanding strong winds and heavy snow piles, this will result in increased energy efficiency and warmth inside your home.

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